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Great Bodies for Great cars !!! Turn your buggy in a street car or rally car or Short Course truck or Dakar truck has never been so easy . . . .

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Superior Race Buggy bodies !!! Turn your buggy in a war machine ! Chosen worldwide by the best drivers….

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The most innovative 1:8 Race Buggy bodies !!!   First 1:8 bodies with real and functional air intakes to improve internal cooling….

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Latest News

G-FORZA  available!!! 

Choose the G side of the FORCE !!! … with our 1:8 design applied to the TLR  5ive-B ! 


 ORDER available on our Web-Shop for our new SCRR, G-Charon and G-Pantox race bodies !!!

Immagine 055

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Our philosophy is to consider the Body not a simple cover but an essential element of the model and for this reason we are always seeking maximum performances in aerodynamics, strength, cooling, aesthetics.

Drive the most efficient and innovative bodies on the market today !!!! . . .