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Great Bodies for Great cars !!! Turn your buggy in a street car or rally car or Short Course truck or Dakar truck has never been so easy . . . .

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Superior Race Buggy bodies !!! Turn your buggy in a war machine ! Chosen worldwide by the best drivers….

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The most innovative 1:8 Race Buggy bodies !!!   First 1:8 bodies with real and functional air intakes to improve internal cooling….

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Latest News

We are proud to present this new and unique TURBO16 G body kit . . . in memory of Lillo Barbera ❤ (fit MCD XR5 long chassis, without roll-cage, need cut on front bumper) TURBO16 G body kit arises from our passion to the legendary Group B rally car of 1986. Turn now your MCD into a fantastic and legendary Group B Rally 1:4 model car in just few minutes!!!

g-rally (1)


We are proud to present the “EAGLE 5T” our new 1:5 truggy body for LOSI 5iveT.

It’s time to give your LOSI 5T a new spectacular look with a Truggy RACING 1:5 body!!

a5 a8

 ————————————————- ————————————————–   We are proud to present our new 1:14 racing body for the LC Racing WRC model. The GTR814 was built with the 3D shape of our EFRA 1: 8 GTR8-P body. So the performance is very high. Distributed in Italy by LOGOS RC MODEL . . . 14 214 814 2 14 14 14 1   Now orderable!!! Here the new “Hyper 7” and “Hyper 8 Outlaw” racing shell. One body for two model scales 1/7 & 1/8 241168157_2018811931604276_4463940192556914311_n 240991915_2018811898270946_7253945549801330737_n 241156355_2018811964937606_717121359910548689_n hy2 hy1 hy6     ———————————————————– The time has come! . . . It’s time to renew the style of LOSI 5T!!!
Here first pics of the “GraFil SMG” dakarian truck body. Fit LOSI 5T without stock cage. With a lower profile and lighter weight you can easily increase your performances!!!

After months of careful study and preparation we are proud to present our new creature … the “GT5 Valkyrie” inspired by the Aston Martin Valkyrie 2020 AMR!!!

186556604_1936797739805696_7260968201015115003_nv5 188804859_1936797793139024_9128644291160296115_n 188539473_1936797809805689_4372057310122878915_n187552711_1936797763139027_4860641579573307949_n
It was designed by Filippo Pantò with the intention of being exploited with the best aerodynamic performance and lightness on the on-road models MCD and MCD MAX.
The “Gt5 Valkyrie” body is easily fixed on the front and rear mounting towers of the MCD XS5 with the only inversion of the small rear horizontal frame on which the rear pin tower is mounted.
Special thanks to Marc Kreisig (RC for his invaluable and multi-year collaboration and to whom we have dedicated this first body!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  

We are proud to present our new 1:8 GT racing body! The “GT-L SPEED” 

GTL SCHEMA. 180668667_1922065517945585_7535843165660899542_n 180657006_1922065491278921_5680632841609110690_n  

GraFil presents two new 1:8 GT race bodies! 

The GTR8-P




GraFil goes beyond the planet Earth !!!

We are proud to announce that we have created a protective shell for the aerospace industry for an explorer rover for other planets !!! Rover G  

Rally G-MAX  on 5ive T to race in the Dakar!!! 

Another special combo with G-MAX kit (with stock wheels) to switch to 5ive-D … only by mounting the G-MAX kit without stock cage by using only our heavy duty alloy mounting towers! 5ive D 1

Rally G-MAX  now available for TLR 5B!!! 

It comes without rear wing (you can use the 5B wing) – to best fit you need axle extenders. Max 5b

Rally G-MAX  available!!! 

G-Rally body becomes bigger and more beautiful!!! … to fit perfectly on LOSI 5T/5B also . . . gmax2  

G-FORZA  available!!! 

Choose the G side of the FORCE !!! … with our 1:8 design applied to the TLR  5ive-B ! 


 ORDER available on our Web-Shop for our new SCRR, G-Charon and G-Pantox race bodies !!!

Immagine 055

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Our philosophy is to consider the Body not a simple cover but an essential element of the model and for this reason we are always seeking maximum performances in aerodynamics, strength, cooling, aesthetics.

Drive the most efficient and innovative bodies on the market today !!!! . . .